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Hanley Automation are an official sales and support partner for Weidmuller Electronics & Automation, Enclosure Systems and Tools range of products and solutions.  For all your new automation application or if you need spares or support for your existing aplications please contact our technical team for assistance call: +353 1 8833800 or email:

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surge protection Weidmuller Ireland

Surge Protection

Weidmuller offers comprehensive protection against damage and downtimes. A lightning strike discharges several hundred kilovolts of electricity. The absence of lightning arresters can result in costly repairs, downtimes and sustained revenue losses. Lightning protection systems safeguard systems against fire or electrical destruction and protect people from injury.. Weidmüller offer VARITECTOR lightning and surge protection devices to protect you against damage. VARITECTOR offer an extended family of surge arresters of various types for power distribution systems, electronic equipment as well as for measurement, control and regulating signals (MSR technology), such as analogue and digital signal circuits, data interfaces like Ethernet Cat.

The products for lightning and surge protection can be used in conjunction with all Weidmüller Industrial Ethernet, power supplies, analogue signal processors as well as relays and semiconductor switches or combined to form countless complete solutions.


Weidmuller analog signal conditioner Hanley Automation Ireland

Analogue Signal Conditioning

Weidmuller isolating amplifiers will convert, isolate, monitor and visualise digital and analogue signal values from industrial and process automation, e.g. temperature, pressure, level, flow volumes, weight and speed.

Weidmuller analogue signal processing products are electrically and mechanically designed in the way that they require a minimum of wiring effort and can be used universally in conjunction with Weidmüller Industrial Ethernet, lightning and surge protection (VARITECTOR), relays and semiconductor switches and can be linked to form many complete solutions.

Weidmuller enclosure system ireland Hanley Automation official distributor

Enclosure system

Industries such as energy management, process technology and transportation need comprehensive enclosure solutions precisely meeting their requirements. At the same time the enclosures must comply with strict regulations in order to fulfill international standards. Weidmuller offers protection for equipment and control components and expert advisory services in the field of plastic and metal enclosures.

Weidmuller provide enclosures in different sizes and with customised drilling holes; classical distribution boxes with modular terminals or customised control boxes equipped with electronic devices. All components used are perfectly matching because they come from one source.

Weidmüller manufactures and delivers the enclosures – according to customer specifications – fully assembled with terminals and cable glands.

weidmuller tools ireland Hanley Automation


Weidmüller has been developing and manufacturing quality tools, for over 30 years. Weidmuller professional tools are developed to make your job easier, to optimise processes, and to help protect the long-term productivity of your business.Tools deliver a guaranteed uniform performance on a daily basis, even after much continued use. Weidmüller therefore offers the “Tool Certification” service and guarantees the functionality and quality of its tools with this technical test procedure.

Weidmuller tool range includes proficient manual tools for cutting, stripping, crimping, testing and screwing. The assortment is enhanced by tool sets that combine the tools and matching accessories in a purposeful and efficient manner. The automatic machines from Weidmüller make constantly repetitive work easier and save valuable time.

 Hanley Automation are an official distributor for Weidmuller in Ireland. For more information and pricing on Weidmuller products your contact at Hanley Automation is

Weidmuller ireland

 Call Ciaran at Hanley Automation +353 1 8833800

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