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TUG Autonomous Mobile Robot in Manufacturing

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What We Do

We are focused on automating the transportation and delivery of materials within an organisation.  We call this internal logistics process “intralogistics”.  Aethon TUG automates intralogistics by autonomously transporting and delivering materials within organisations.

autonomous intralogistic robots

Your Challenges

Moving material inside organisations is the “last mile” for logistics.  Material movement wastes significant resources and creates inefficiency.

autonomous logistic robots

Benefits of Automating Intralogistics with TUG

  • Reduce labor costs by eliminating the tasks related to material movement.  Automatically picks up and drops off carts
  • Improve worker safety by eliminating the movement of heavy loads or repetitive strain
  • Create collaborative automation by connecting islands of automation as the TUG moves materials directly to where needed
  • Support LEAN manufacturing by eliminating material movement waste
  • Enable “Industry 4.0” automation through the integration of autonomous robotics and process flow
autonomous intralogistic robots

TUG Delivers


Robust Navigation & Locomotion

Different than an AGV, TUG has a robust navigation system with an omni-directional locomotion drivetrain.  This allows the TUG to navigate in ways other autonomous robots or AGVs cannot.  It is able to work alongside people and navigate around obstacles to ensure delivery is continuous and unimpeded.

autonomous mobile robot TUG

Delivery Methods

The TUG is able to support a variety of delivery methods:

mobile autonomous robots

Product Brochures

Click on the links provided below to download detailed product description and TUG application in manufacturing industry.

TUG T3 Autonomous Mobile Robot Brochure >>>

TUG Industrial Brochure >>>

Hanley Automation is an official Value-added Partner for Aethon TUG in the UK and Ireland. Our robot experts at Hanley Automation have over ten years of experience in deploying autonomous mobile robots in manufacturing industry.

For more information about Aethon TUG robots and for advice on new intralogistic applications contact Malachy Ryan.

Unit 2, Fergusons Way, Kilbegs Rd,
Antrim BT41 4LZ, UK

+44 7876 825 354

Your contact person: Malachy Ryan

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