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TUG Autonomous Mobile Robot for Healthcare

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TUG Robots For Healthcare Benefits

TUG robots in healthcare perform the delivery and transportation tasks to free clinical and service staff to focus on patient care.

Hospitals move vast amount of materials through hallways, on elevators, in basements and to patient units. This is a complex and demanding internal logistics challenge that has implications on costs, quality and safety. Automating 

Automating delivery of this material generates considerable savings, efficiency and worker satisfaction. Just look at what typical 200 bed hospital moves on a weekly basis:

Automated Delivery and Tracking

Benefits of TUG in Hospital Expansions

  • Addresses the labour needs of expanding facility through automation.
  • Improve worker safety and reduces worker injury costs.
  • Improves space utilisation through reduction in storage locations.
  • Provides relief to pneumatic tube systems that are not capable of serving new constructions.
  • Works in existing constructions. Seamless integration between new and existing buildings.  
  • Design neutral implementation. Works with your existing interior design.
  • Infrastructure free implementation. Will not require new infrastructure to the building.

Hospital Construction – Logistics Modified

Hospital construction adds space and to existing operations and the challenges surrounding internal logistics and moving materials increase.  Considerable attention is typically given to how materials will move in the expanded facility – and for good reason.

New Hospital Construction Magnifies Logistics-1

Robust Navigation & Locomotion

Different than an AGV, TUG has a robust navigation system with an omni-directional locomotion drivetrain.  This allows the TUG to navigate in ways other autonomous robots or AGVs cannot.  It is able to work alongside people and navigate around obstacles to ensure delivery is continuous and unimpeded.

autonomous mobile robot TUG

Delivery Methods

The TUG is able to support a variety of delivery methods:

mobile autonomous robots

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