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Hanley Automation have been an official sales, support and service partner for EPSON robotics for over ten years. Our robotics experts have many years of experience in deploying EPSON robots in manufacturing operations. For advice on new applications or for support on existing applications contact us on +353 1 8833800 or email:

EPSON Robots are well known for leading the industry in ease of use, performance and reliability. EPSON’s focus is to build robots and automation products to help solve tough manufacturing problems by improving quality, increasing throughput, improving yields and helping companies improve their bottom line numbers through innovative manufacturing solutions.

epson robots compact 6-axis ireland

EPSON C3 robots are leading the industry for compact 6-axis robots. Best in class cycle times, precision and motion range. The slimline body and compact wrist of the C3 enables great motion range and less mechanical restrictions making C3 robots the most compact and flexible robots in the market today.

The EPSON C3 cycle times are only 0.37 seconds, which is faster than many competitors’ models. All 6 joints on the C3 are on average 32.4% faster than equivalent competitor models in its’ class. The C3’s footprint to motion range ratio is in a class by itself and the outstanding flexibility allows EPSON robots to do jobs that other small 6 axis arms simply cannot do.

Epson G3 robot Epson Robots Ireland

Epson G3’s are 3rd generation of compact SCARA robots. High rigidity, high speed, and high flexibility are the trademarks of Epson compact SCARA’s. G3’s are available in over 30 models in sizes 250, 300 and 350mm arms. G3 SCARA robots are ideal for applications such as hard drive assembly, lab automation, electronics assembly, medical device assembly, photonics, semiconductor, telecommunications, solar, and many others.

Unique to the G-Series, is the new curved arm option which allows G3 arms to be purchased as right or left curved models to maximize work envelope usage while maintaining small workspace usage overall. They are also available in table top, wall or ceiling mount configurations as well as Clean/ESD configurations.

Hanley Automation are an official distribution partner for EPSON Robots. For more information and pricing on EPSON products your contact at Hanley Automation is


Pearse at Hanley Automation 
Phone: +353 1 8833800

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